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1913 – 1988

These are the Meditations of Dr. Robert W Kirkpatrick. Dr. Kirkpatrick was a Presbyterian Minister from the Late 1930’s till the mid-1980’s. He pastored in the Presbyterian Church of Accomack Va. and was the Assistant Pastor at Bream Memorial Presbyterian Church. Dr. Kirkpatrick then pastored First Presbyterian Church of Saint Albans, W. Va., While at Saint Albans Dr. Kirkpatrick pastored two mission Churches Rebecca Little Page and McKinnon Chapel, and also he supplied the pulpit for Fairview and Chemical Presbyterian Churches and planted the Highlawn Presbyterian Church. Dr. Kirkpatrick then pastored the First Presbyterian Church of Hinton W. Va. And supplied the pulpit at McKellar Presbyterian in Lowell, W. VA. He then returned to the Kanawha Valley and was the associate pastor at the First Presbyterian Church of Charleston, W. Va. In 1963 Dr. Kirkpatrick moved to Florida and Pastored the Whitfield Estates Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, Florida. In 1971 he began his pastorate at First Presbyterian Church of Dade City, Florida where he retired. After retirement, Dr. Kirkpatrick went on to serve in many Churches in Florida, North Carolina & Mississippi as an intern Pastor.

Dr. Kirkpatrick was married to Rosemary Welsh for over forty years and raised five children, Robert Martin, James William, Mary Virginia, Thomas Norman and Steven Paul. Rosemary and Bob have a growing number of Grand, Great and Great-Great-Grand Children numbering over thirty-five.

I acquired his sermons several years ago and they have been a tremendous blessing to me and now I pray and hope they will continue to bless you as well. Dr. Kirkpatrick went home to be with the Lord in 1988 and it amazes me that his sermons are still preaching the Word of God to this day.

Come and visit often. I have re-keyed 280 sermons and have yet to work way through the treasure chest. This will be a project for a length of time to come unless the Lord beats me to the finish.

May the Blessings of the Lord be with each of you every hour of your day.

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