Mon & Dod

 The Living Church  Believing is Behaving
 The Master Healer  Christian Growth
 Grow Lovely, Growing Old  The Way to Hear a Sermon
 The Virgin Birth  The Fountain of Youth
 The Word of Power for a Power Age  Doers of the Word
 Why I Should Read My Bible?  The Way to Hear a Sermon
 Preach the Word  The Timeless Word
 Life’s Holy Ground  The Mind of Christ
 A Knowledge of Christ  The Conditions of Discipleship
 The Inspired Word  Fact of Fiction
 Why Are We Presbyterians?  Service and Understanding – A Bridge to Peace
 Temptation — Life’s Proving Ground  What is a Christian
 Our High Calling  The Marks of a Christian
 Are You Important?  Alone But Not Lonely
 Forgiven and Forgiving(1)  Forgiven and Forgiving (2)
The Tapestry of Life  A Divine Imperative: Come
A Divine Imperative: Abide  A Divine Imperative: Follow
 A Divine Imperative: Go  The Way to the Father
The Food of the Hungry Soul The Good Shepherd
 The Secret of Christian Radiance

God's Testimony Frame ShadeBasic Bible Study Course at no Cost.

Jesus – The Bridge to Eternal Life

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