General Sermons

Mon & Dod

General Sermons

 The Big Fisherman  The Offence and the Glory of the Cross
 The Offence of the Cross  A Pattern for Growth
 The Prayer that Brought the Fire  The Risen Life
 Then Came Jesus  A Gift Beyond Words
 Overcoming an Inferiority Complex  The Cross Obligates
 This God is Our God  Judas, the Avaricious
 he Word and Tomorrow  The Bible – A Light, a Lamb and a Delight
 Hidden Power  Ambassadors of the Word
 Do You want to Get Well  God Reigneth
 God Forgives  When Doubts Arise
 Our Christian Duty  The Light of the World
 Our God Given Work  Be of Good Courage
 What is Right, What is Wrong  God’s Battle, not Ours
 Why Worry  Learning to Live Without Worry
 Overcome Your Fears  Do Not Be Afraid
 Overcome the Blues  A Peculiar People
 The Service Club  Christians – A Peculiar People
A Pastoral Prayer The Least of These
Armistice Day – 1942  Divine Resources and Human Need

God's Testimony Frame ShadeBasic Bible Study Course at no Cost.

Jesus – The Bridge to Eternal Life

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